DataOps Platform it is not about tools

Our main goal innovating with DataOps Platform is to satisfty our customers delivering continuously Analytics & AI.

Max reduction in work hours to build analytics with
DataOps & MDS

Reducing time and effort to transform the customer's need in a workflow to analyze data, implement and minimize everything that shouldn't be done.

High Data Quality and Efficiency with Data Observability & FinOps

Analytical pipelines capable of watching quality and financial indicators for continuous feedback in order to avoid errors and increase efficiency.


Our customers indicate relevant impacts in their businesses


  • Reduced complexity
  • Simplify architecture
  • Reuse of workflows
  • Reduced code lines


  • Focus on relevant delivery
  • Reduced operational tasks
  • Faster delivery
  • Risks reduced


  • Data Products lifecycle
  • Reduced process failures
  • Increased governance
  • Quality assurance

Powering the Next Generation of Data Teams


We accelerate the results of business changes in retail, healthcare, financial services, marketing, sales, HR and much more.

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Cloud Data Platform

Platforms that are global leaders in Analytics and Data Science demands and their complexities.

Machine Learning

Accelerate Machine Learning and AI adoption in your business, using the ML process end-to-end, from Design to the Operation.


Guarantee the quality and reliability of your data, DataOps, Discovery, controlling sensible data and FinOps end-to-end.


Our success cases

Data Driven journey with MDS

Full assessment and the roadmap needed to achieve an archictecture based on Modern Data Stack (MDS), helping you to reduce your projects timelines to only a few weeks. You will be able to implement data platforms with governance and security, covering your product lifecycle and focusing on your business transformation and acelerating the Data Driven journey.

Connected Cars

Project in one of the biggest companies of products and services of telecommunications in the world, to treat, enrich and analyze data that comes from connected cars in a mobile network using IoT technologies and a Data lake to analyze those informations in real time.

Energy Future Market Analysis

We support one of the biggest energy and infrastructure companies in Brazil in their data architecture, accelerating the adoption of analytical intelligence with governance and quality, empowering their negotiating and sales skills with available data for precise and online decision making.

Contact optmization and health issues predictions

We guarantee that doctors are not overloaded, optimizing the quality of the treatment and the time spent with their patients. Through prediction models for cardiovascular accidents, we help the hospital to treat their patients in a more personalized way, in the right moment, with the right specialist, using data science to reduce risks.

Professional Services

Our Data Analytics & AI team works on every speciality

Data Architecture

• AWS | Azure | GCP

• Cloud Data Platform

• Data Analytics Platform

• Data Science Platform

Data Engineering

• Data Ingestion

• Data Transformation

• Data Cleaning and Enrichment

• Data Modeling & Design

• Stream Processes

Data Science

• Machine Learning

• Natural Language Processing

• Advanced Analytics

• MLOps

Data Analytics

• Data Visualization – Dashboards

• Business Intelligence

• Data Warehouse

• Self Service Analytics

Data Strategy

• Data Driven Strategy

• Data Literacy

• AI applied to your business

• Data Governance & CoE

Data Governance

• Data Quality and Management

• Discovery - Catalog

• Master Data Management

• LGPD & Privacy


Modern Data Stack Ecossystem